Oleh: h4d1 | 31 Agustus 2009

Do Singaporeans not litter due to strict regulation?

Singapore is famous as a clean country. That is mainly because of Singapore is also a fine country. Littering can be fined S$1000, selling of importing chewing gum S$1000, smoking S$1000, vandalism S$5000, eating in MRT/bus S$500, even there is fine for not flushing public toilet after use! The list is still long. It makes Singapore clean and aware of cleanliness. I raise a question, is it true because of their awareness or is it just because they are afraid of the fine/imprisonment/community work?

Last time when I was in China with a group of people from Singapore, when we walked down at the night. The lamp was not bright, even very dim. Then, one person who brought an empty bottle then just threw it away to behind grass and bushes in the darkness. The other people laughed and there was one who followed his example by also threw their bottle. It’s a big bottle, not a small bottle. I feel that eventhough they have been educated that littering is forbidden, but there is a rebellion inside their mind, so that when there is no strict rule/fine, they do littering. Maybe you can argue that in China it’s not as easy as in Singapore to find a garbage can, but I also heard that in Japan, it’s harder to find garbage can than Singapore, and yet the floor is still clean. I wonder what if the number of garbage can in Singapore is reduced, will Singapore become more and more dirty? I’m sure it will be worse when the littering fine is lifted out, especially with the increasing number of foreigners from poorer countries in Singapore, they will tend to do what they like just as what they do in their birth country. What about you? Do you do something because of afraid with the punishment? Or do you hear your own conscience?

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